We are a manufacturers' representative company serving the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Louisiana marketplace since 1978. We represent manufacturers of custom magnetics, EMI/RFI components, power semiconductors, heat sinks, high voltage rectifiers & passive components.

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Represented Lines

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Rale Engineering Since 1978


  • Nova Magnetics
  • Whether it’s a dime size surface mount inductor or a 3000 KVA forced air cooled transformer in a custom enclosure; Nova Magnetics has been designing and manufacturing across many industries since 1981. Our years of experience, extensive equipment capabilities, and inNOVAtive employees, enable us to provide the highest quality custom transformers to meet or exceed our customers expectations.
  • C&H Technology
  • C&H Technology, Inc. has over 30 years experience specializing in Power Electronic Components. Over the years we have added thousands of products and have become a global leader specializing in: Rectifiers (Diodes), Thyristors (SCR's), Bridge Rectifiers, Assemblies, Heat Sinks, Bar Clamps, Box Clamps, IGBT and this last year have added Resistors, Capacitors & Thermistors.
  • Okaya Electric
  • Okaya Electric offers a wide range of Electrical Noise and Surge Suppression Components including: Single/Three Phase Filters, Snubber Capacitors, Line Capacitors, Spark Quenchers, and Electrostatic/Lightning Surge Absorbers.
  • Voltage Multipliers, Inc
  • VMI manufactures a variety of discrete high voltage diodes ranging from 1kV to 16kV Vrwm, and 3000ns to 30ns Trr. VMI also designs and manufactures diode assemblies, including voltage multipliers and high voltage stacks, for many different applications. Standard product lines include miniature hybrid multipliers used in image intensification apps, to custom, three phase bridges useful in TWT system.
  • CalRamic Technologies, LLC
  • High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors for Commercial/Industrial Power Supplies, Military Avionics, Radars, Sensing, High Temperature Geophysical, Geothermal, and High Temperature Electronics.  We manufacture Radial Leaded High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) for Space Level Ultra High Reliability in a variety of C-V values and sizes. Our products include: Multilayer Ceramic Radial Leaded, Chip, Surface Mount, and Disc Capacitors
  • Rale Engineering
  •   Transformer and Inductor Design Software 10mVA to 10MVA
  • The Small Transformers Program is the most frequently used program. It is used to design transformers with bobbins and tubes in a power range up to 10kVA per phase and a frequency range up to 500kHz.
    The Toroidal Transformers Program is used to design transformers with toroidal cores in a power range up to 10kVA and a frequency range up to 500kHz.
    The Large Transformers Program is used to design air&oil cooled transformers with cooling-channels technology in a power range from 0.1kVA up to 10MVA per phase and a frequency range up to 1000Hz.
    The Chokes&Inductors Program is very powerful and universal program. It is used  to design chokes & inductors with cooling-channel technology or bobbins&tubes in a frequency range up to 500kHz.